Saturday, 30 July 2011

Elite Art Clubs: What is the point?

Disappointed today by the cool reception of Wimborne Art Club when I asked how I might beome a member. Two male members seated at their exhibition hall table looked me up and down doubtfully. One states, "been painting for just a short while have you?" Granted they were both at least 75 years of age but I couldn't help being a little taken aback by that. Was it the baby I was holding?  Was it my slightly sexy clothing? My comparative youth? My gender? What put them off? I wondered.

Then I was rudely kicked back. "We are a very elite club, with millions of people waiting to join."

What is the point of such a club? Their exhibiton reeked of mediocrity, their reception was worse than cold. It was patronising. Surely they are crying out for new blood, new life and new challenges to their comfort zones... or perhaps not.

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